A killer strategy to make sure you don’t miss your workouts

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When was the last time you had to motivate yourself to go to work? Or to take a shower? Go to the toilet?

Yeah, that last one is a bit of a stretch I know. But I think I made my point. There are a lot of activities we do for which we do not stop and go search for motivation to get them started right? And if we did, we would probably need more than motivation, as we were probably having a more serious problem underneath.

What Is Motivation Anyway?

Advice from a personal trainer

Sometimes I forget how terrible my diet was. I literally did every mistake possible before becoming a personal trainer.

I got away with it for a while as doing sports as a teen allowed me some mistakes. But that didn’t last long into adulthood. So, at some point, I needed to change.

One of the more significant changes I made was increasing the amount of vegetables I ate. See: I almost didn’t eat them at all. I didn’t like them.

And so my quest started.

Stop boiling them

This was literally my step zero. At this point I wasn’t looking to improve my…

From a personal trainer and a productivity freak

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“Hello, my name is Sara, and I am a productivity freak.” This could be a great introduction for my wife.

She studied mathematics in a specific modeling field that focuses on optimization, and the concept stuck with her. She literally must optimize everything in her life, from grocery shopping to any activity around the house (even the steps to cook a meal) and, of course, exercising.

Me, on the other hand, I am nothing like that. I like to take my time and enjoy any activity. I take pleasure in the simple steps, either cutting vegetables or lifting weights.


I didn’t even know I had a problem before

eating meatballs and pasta
eating meatballs and pasta
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I thought nothing was wrong with “diet mentality” or dieting in general until quite recently. If one wanted to get in shape, they needed to control their diet, and that was the extent of it. Of course, there were cases of eating disorders, but those were extreme cases, not the norm.

Would it be true that some eating adjustments could have that much negative impact on healthy individuals? Could dieting be that hard?

I guess that is the difference between being fit since forever or having to lose weight ourselves.

I found that out by experience because, as it turns…

And how to really start having productive workouts

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You might have read different articles that claimed that morning workouts are the best to lose weight, that your performance is better during the afternoon or that an evening workout is the best remedy to a good night’s sleep. While these are not incorrect, they forget an important point that has to do with training humans: the personal condition.

As a Personal Trainer, my job is to take the scientific and methodological approached of training and applying these to the individuals. …

I love starting a new year. And even before that, I love finishing a year.

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The whole process of making December a cozy month with all the décor, celebrations, and hot chocolate mugs helps us relax and enjoy life after a year of hard work. Especially during the last weeks, those are the perfect time of the year to look back, see how far we have come, and evaluate how close (or far) are we from achieving the goals we set out to achieve.

Two years ago I made this for the first time with my wife, after she read a book called “Your Best Year Ever” by Michael S. Hyatt. We do not follow…

The hardest part of exercise is sticking to it. Everybody knows it.

You can follow countless personal trainers and fitness models on social media, pay an extremely overpriced gym membership and buy the fanciest equipment. None of this will matter if you don’t stick to a routine. If you think of it in terms of health, even a simple daily bodyweight training would be better than the most popular workout done only once a week. Nothing beats consistency.

So how do you do it? How do you create and stick to a workout routine?

Where did time go, really?

Let’s be honest. Nobody has time to workout. We, the weird ones that exercise consistently, made the…

Tiago Malta

I am the fitness coach behind thecoachM.com and my focus is helping women to lose weight without tons of cardio or restrictive diets

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